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Workshop Food and Lifestyle

Project 1: Cookbook

What’s it all about?

The great connecting moment between people in foreign cities: getting to know the respective food culture – the “culture of food” – the diversity of culinary and gastronomic traditions and new food trends in the cities – in a joint cookbook – analog and digital. With background stories, portraits of people and ideas for dishes – also for cooking.


What was developed?

The book project will not only present exemplary dishes from the regions, but also explain the background and portray people. The culture of food brings us closer to the places and their people.


Here’s what happens next:

Finding dishes, stories, places and cultural backgrounds as well as interesting people who can give an atmospheric account. First concept presentation in November 2022 for the 24th “Salon de la Gastronomie et des Vins” in Châteauroux. Production with photo reports and texts on location in the cities from summer 23 to spring 24. Book presentation planned for the 3rd C-City Conference in June 2024 in Grudziądz – Poland.


Full Workshop Food and Lifestyle (PDF)